Welcome back for 2020!

Scouting life is underway for a new decade at 9th Brunswick and 2020 began with a traditional ‘going up’ ceremony for five Cub Scouts.

The going up ceremony is the way that we officially recognise the transition at about the age of 11 of our Cubs to become fully-fledged Scouts. Apart from a new uniform, they also gain a new level of independence and encouragement to take on more challenges as they enter the teenage years.

The evening begins with both Cubs and Scouts meeting together in the hall, then separating to prepare for the two ceremonies.

Firstly, the Cubs are farewelled by Akela, the pack leaders and the other Cubs. Then they are welcomed with a guard of honour by their new Scouting brothers and sisters, and their new leaders, Jamie and Su.

Congratulations to our newest Scouts: Daniel, Branko, Julian, Fox and Oscar.

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